Big feelings, small world.

'Dear Dad' is a comedy-drama short celebrating fatherhood through the eyes of three young children. Set in downtown New York City, we follow our young protagonists throughout their concrete stomping grounds as they embark on a series of mischievous adventures. Narrowly avoiding capture, the kids end up in their “secret spot” overlooking the city. Here they discuss love and loss, friends and family with warmth and humor—leading to a painful realization that only their friendship will be able to soothe.


Written and Directed by Stella Asia Consonni
Executive Producers: Maximilian Kurzweil and Andre Bato at Andre Bato Films, Stella Asia Consonni
Associate Producer: Sara Greco at Serial Pictures
Director of Photography: Anthony Carella
Editor: Esteban Pedraza
Casting: Memoria Di
Lead Cast: Nathaniel Dickson, Hunter Nielsen, Sydney Horton McCraw