Coca-Cola’s “Recycled Records” uses sampling as a sensory-rich metaphor for the benefits of clear plastic recycling. Our film explores how, in choosing to swap out green Sprite, Fresca and Seagram’s bottles for clear plastic, The Coca-Cola Company is helping to create a closed-loop recycling process where old bottles can be remade anew. Just like sampling in Hip-Hop or Pop music turns old sounds into new beats, clear plastic can be recycled over and over again into a fresh product to be enjoyed by new consumers.

The project is the culmination of the world's first album crafted from sounds captured during each stage of the plastic recycling process, created in partnership with legendary producers Mark Ronson and Madlib. Directed by Andre Bato, the documentary is a visual and sonic exploration of Coca-Cola's recycling process and how the sounds of this journey eventually became the head-bopping beats featured on the collaborative album. The film was produced by AB FILMS.


Director: Andre Bato
DP: Anthony Carella
EP: Maximilian Kurzweil
Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Rotondi
Sounds recorded and co-edited by Charles Van Kirk
Creative Director: Olivia Fialkow
Editor: Nicky Keros
Animation and GFX: Ana Projects
VFX: Milan Nioklic
Original Score and Sound Design: JEAN
Color Grade: Matt Osbourne @ Company 3


Post production
Art Direction
Sound Design and Score